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    Thrive & Shine is a Wellbeing Hub, supporting employers and business managers with their employee mental health, wellbeing, culture and change.

Your Wellbeing Strategy should be much more than a series of policies, procedures and trainings. Your Wellbeing strategy should create and support a culture of Wellbeing, so that you, your leadership team and your workforce can do what you came here to do.

Optimise management, inspire the workforce and connect the two through wellbeing, innovation, creativity and clear thinking

What we do

Working in conjunction with Keele University and the Smart Innovation Hub, Thrive & Shine is delivering an audit of stress in the workplace and undertaking rigorous research and evaluation of how stress impacts your business, your workforce and overall output.

This exercise will shine a light on mental health in the workplace and how it affects all aspects of our businesses, our communities, our relationships and our economy.

Our leadership training focuses on the human management system, how and why stress arises and how as managers we can lead differently yet more effectively to create a culture that has its basis in wellbeing, creativity and delivers a sense of belonging

With robust learning and training we can all be proud to work in a confident, considered, empathetic workplace, which has engagement at its core.

We recognise the need for a new paradigm, a new way of thinking and seeing the world and we also recognise that business is at the heart of that shift.  You, your business, your workforce and their overall transformation, is our business.

  • Working with Nicky at Thrive & Shine is completely inspirational - Sarah Beech
  • Not only have my relationships at work changed and flourished, but those at home too - Carl Barlow
  • I will never forget what I discovered in your workshop last year: that I am enough, that everyone else is too. I just don't react the same to my thinking anymore as I am much more at ease - Sue, Lecturer


Our packages do not come as standard, they are bespoke to you and your organisation. To give you an idea of what they might entail as a baseline:

Evaluation and auditing – both before the work begins, during and after.  We want to know exactly where transformation will be beneficial, saving time, unnecessary costs and allowing you to focus on the areas most in need

Training – A minimum of 2 days is a prerequisite of our work together.  This will be dependant on the number of people we will be supporting and the desired outcome

Coaching – Our coaching support ensures that all learning is embodied and ongoing to tackle issues such as employee turnover, deadline failure, workplace accidents, creativity and more. Coaching can be offered as part of any HR procedures, such as sickness and performance measures

Coaching will also be part of any work and training with the leadership teams as a follow up from the training


About Us

Built on nearly 30 years experience in mental health and wellbeing, behaviour change and transformation, we have bought all of that experience into one place, to benefit businesses and their employees.

Having worked across a broad range of industries, from Social Care, to Engineering, to Pharmaceutical Organisations and the NHS, we have been lucky enough to have played a vital part in the lives, the healing and the recovery of many humans. We don’t deliver training, we deliver outcomes. This is the most important aspect of our work and is where our focus remains.

Recognising that we are in a competitive industry, we decided to rewrite the rules. We don’t want to regurgitate blanket solutions for mental health. They’re already not working. Instead we decided to take a deeper look at what is failing in our workforce and communities that typically make good mental health hard to achieve and how this manifests into our employees and the work they do. Mental Health is the one area that the human race is losing the battle when it comes to innovation, most believing that maybe a new app will help. The result is increased suffering.

Rather than create a new app which shares the same information but in a different way, we decided to test the information! We don’t have an app for that yet, but, we have an algorithm and as a result, we have new information, evidence and data to enable us to take a different approach to wellbeing, one that goes at the very heart of every human on the planet.

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