Working under pressure

I used to think that I worked better under pressure. This was the case, even when I was suffering from depression and anxiety.

In fact, it seemed that the depression and anxiety might have been a result of me not putting enough pressure on myself, or that I should get better at handling pressure. And so I continued peddling pressure. Over the last six years, in nearly every organisation that I have worked in, there are humans who believe have a version of this kind of attitude too.

What I hadn’t noticed is that I had been suffering from ‘low level stress’ for years. I believed this was normal and it is, but what it isn’t, is natural. Eventually, without even noticing the transition and the connection, I hit a brick wall.

If you’re working this way, if you recognise low level stress and it looks to you that it’s healthy and necessary to even, I’d love to hear from you. I’m currently creating an audio that can help you see things differently

Some of the symptoms;

When not under pressure, you procrastinate instead, feel bored, irritable, lazy and then get irritated with procrastinating

Not sleeping well

Late for work regularly and just can’t seem to get there on time, no matter how hard you try

Leaving important tasks to the last minute

Great results looking like it’s achieved because of the pressure.

Poor results looking like it’s because you hadn’t ‘applied’ enough pressure

Niggling little illnesses – colds, cold sores, headaches, neck and shoulder aches and pains etc

The above is a snippet of what many employees are experiencing day in, day out, year after year, believing that there is either something wrong with them, or that they simply are not cut out to ‘handle pressure’

Thrive & Shine help you discover the solutions needed to get your workforce back on track, increase wellbeing and performance whilst reducing sick days and the need to implement capability procedures.

If you recognise any of the above symptoms in either yourself or your workforce, call us to arrange a consultation