Organisational Wellbeing – From Plan, to Strategy, to Transformation

A strategy without grounding is simply strategy.

Strategy = plan of action to achieve a long term goal.

It is a plan!

Most humans and their organisations do not lack a plan, they lack the ‘impetus’ behind the plan….the force behind the movement.

A strategy alone is a paper exercise that might make you feel better in the short term, reassuring you that you have a plan in place, a plan to improve. You might see some growth, some areas of change, everywhere, except for the very thing that needs to change in order to make the change permanent, sustainable – You!

This is why at Thrive & Shine, we don’t call ourselves a Business Consultancy. We are never going to coach you around your business alone. Business advice is readily available and some people even sell it. It is worth exactly what they charge for it and whatever you are prepared to pay for it.

Transformation though, the very thing that arises from impetus, the force that powers the plan, well that is feely available too but it’s value is infinite and no amount of money can compensate for it.

Impetus = the force or energy with which a body moves. In this case, the term ‘body’ is used to describe you, your organisation, the people in it, their performance and wellbeing….all of which should be moved by the ‘strategy’ if it has any real impetus. Transformation, change, movement, should be apparent. Can you really see the transformation that you strategy is making or has made? Have you measured it?

Galileo, Descartes and Newton spent their life realising these Universal Principles, the laws of motion. Yet here in the 21st Century, with our instant access to almost anything, with capabilities so vast that they can only be understood by a few, we forget. We formulate plans, we buy them off the shelf and expect the plans to course correct on their own.

Here is Newton’s Law to remind us, in case we forget:

An object in motion, will move continually in a straight line, until a force acts upon it. Equally, an object at rest will remain at rest until a force acts upon it.

Pretty straightforward isn’t it? The next question is, what if the objects are you plus your strategy?

What is your impetus behind that?

Thought is a Universal Principle and is the driver behind all human behaviour. Thought is the impetus behind both action and inaction. It either drives the strategy forward or holds it in a safe place, the folder on your desk for example. Thought is more than ‘what’ you think, it’s ‘that’ you think, automatically and in real time too!

Any strategy that doesn’t make sense to you, will likely either not be implemented, or else, lose momentum very quickly and be hard work to maintain, eventually, falling by the wayside completely. If the strategy for instance, came from a business coach or consultant but you weren’t totally seeing it’s value, well, it will fall short in the long term. Not only is that wasted costs, but it’s also wasted energy and other valuable resources like time.

The fact that you think, the very fact of ‘thinking’ is nothing short of miraculous. There was nothing you had to do this morning for instance, to turn thought on, to make it work. It was automatic. Thought is constant and arises naturally. Yet so many resources, time and effort go towards changing thought, completely ignoring that thought is the driver.

If you really want to make a difference with strategy, then understanding the Principles from which your mind already operates, is crucial and is the one thing that most people overlook.

Thrive & Shine love helping leaders create a culture within their organisation that actually enables, brings about and sustains wellbeing. This goes beyond designing a Wellbeing Strategy. It goes straight to the heart of the minds for which it is meant and becomes embodied, responsive and itself transforms more deeply over time.

Create a Wellbeing Strategy that is more than a tick box exercise and instead takes into account the human factors that make up your organisation. Transform your organisation and the people in it by bringing the impetus to the strategy that came from within you and becomes the grounding within your organisation!