Emerging from lockdown with ease

As many businesses prepare to emerge back into the workplace, do you have a clear understanding of what your employees are feeling? Do you know what their worries and concerns are and have got a plan to address these? Here’s some of the things that employees are sharing with me every day;

I’m worried about being around colleagues who I don’t trust to have been as vigilant as me.

I’m worried about being bought back from furlough and my colleagues who have been still working, resenting me.

I’m worried that I won’t be able to hide my resentment when those who have been furloughed come back as I’ve been having to still work I’m worried about what will happen to the children if I’m called back into work, who will look after them, how will I know they’re safe?

And on and on and on Employees are worried. Our friends, families and colleagues are NOT lethal weapons. They’re humans who are missing each other, missing connection, touch, intimacy and who are not being trusted to make good decisions for themselves and others. Neither do they choose to be worried, anxious and nervous about re-entering the workplace, but we are receiving increasing amounts of messages on a daily basis asking for support.

Even more concerning are the conversations that I am having from employees who’ve approached their HR leads and/or managers to request to attend our previous workshops but who have been refused for what I am sure seem to those leaders, as genuine barriers, which include cost in time and money. Allowing your employees to discover their wellbeing, uncover their capacity to make great decisions and to recover their ability to re-enter the workplace when the time comes, should not be put on hold until better and more prosperous times come along.

We totally understand that priorities have changed and budgets and resources are having to be reallocated elsewhere.  In times of uncertainty, it can seem counterintuitive to spend valuable resources, because who knows when those resources might be available again?! Organisations who keep choosing that option will prolong their own recovery when what our economy, communities and workforce need more than ever, is to understand that they truly matter, are trusted and that they are designed for success.

Many organisations are keeping in touch with their workforce, those who are still working, albeit differently and from home and also those who are furloughed.  It’s been heartening to hear the stories of how workforces are being supported and are supporting each other and it’s easy to consider that our people are being truthful in their feedback when they say they are fine.  Its also understandable that when employees report that they are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, that managers and leaders are unsure as to how best support to them, because of course, the reality is that your people are having to cope with so much change that stress can seem a given. Stress does not have to be our go to coping mechanism when we begin to understand it’s true source. Imagine gifting peace of mind to those who need it most right now?

So far, Thrive & Shine have run 7 online workshops in the last 4 weeks, enabling those who attended to gain a new and fresh perspective about their own personal safety, that of those around them and how wellbeing is on hand in any given moment. Here’s what you can expect from our specially designed online workshop:

✅ Come out of lockdown with ease and confidence, really knowing that you can once again readjust

✅ Learn how you were in fact built for uncertainty and that you can thrive amazingly well without knowing the future

✅ Discover that panic and anxiety are your greatest gift and furthermore, you’re going to learn how to use them wisely

Our next workshop is on Monday 15th June 10-4 and will be delivered live on zoom,  we have a maximum of 10 spaces to allow each participant to ask questions and gain exactly what they need from the day. To book, please email info@thrive-and-shine.co.uk.  The cost is £35 plus VAT