What We Do


The Research Underpinning Why We All Need Her In Our Lives

Bessie is the first comprehensive audit of workplace stress and wellbeing that is built on a created from clinical and academic research and evidence.

Whether you have a workforce of ten or ten thousand and more, Bessie’s algorithm accurately measure’s stress, the risk, causes and triggers, producing reports and recommendations that will enable you to develop a Wellbeing Strategy that enhances your business and the people in it.

We don’t believe in blanket solutions and providing mental health awareness training, without first having considered and discovered whether it is the correct and appropriate intervention, can at the very least, leave your workforce feeling mistrustful and withdrawn.

So, how does an business understand what their workforce need when it comes to mental health support?

When it comes to wellbeing, we recognise that there is a huge amount of data and statistics available with the intention of educating businesses of the financial and human cost to their business. Usually though, the figures are so vast, that they mean little to a leadership team who are pondering the costs to their own business and give them little idea of how best to invest or even how much to invest. They could of course turn to their Human Resources team if they have one in place, however, the data they hold is based on what the employee or employer informs them of, once there is a problem. This means that many employees are working whilst their employers are blindly trying to do the best they can and hope they get it right.

We recognised that we still do not have the answers to the causes, triggers and impacts of mental health, not only for the individual, but for our workplaces and ultimately, our communities and yet, we know that we need to invest time and money into prevention as well as cures.

Regardless of the messages to share and connect, to look after ourselves and others and to talk openly about mental health, the statistics for suffering are still on the increase. That is why we partnered with Keele University to help us to undertake some ground breaking research into workplace stress as a starting point. We understand that to make a difference, we needed to go back to the beginning. There were some really interesting findings and we now have a baseline, with which to start to measure stress more holistically, using the data and research from disciplines such as medicine, psychology and sociology.

This though is just the beginning. Our intention is that we continue to deep dive into stress and mental health and discover the links in other areas of our lives, with other experiences, joining the dots with other disciplines because we understand that no one has the whole picture and so many people have something to contribute. Our hope is that as many of you join us as is possible. Please consider this your invite.

Meet Bessie

Here are some of the indicator’s that might be present if you’re considering Bessie:

  • Sickness within your workforce
  • Staff retention issues
  • Lack of engagement
  • Lack of motivation
  • Conflict within the workplace, either between teams or within teams Performance Management procedures being triggered
  • Complaints from customers

The above list is not exhaustive and you also might have just one or several of these factors present. A short conversation with our team can help identify whether Bessie is something that might help. You can book a 15 minute consultation here.

A Bespoke Evaluation and Spotlight on Stress In Employees has been created to pinpoint stress and mental health issues within your workforce that are impacting your business and are being impacted by your business.

Bessie is a commitment to your workforce. One that let’s them know that you aren’t looking to blame them. Neither are you looking to blame yourself. Instead, you are looking to understand each other so that you can build a workplace and business that you are all proud to be part of.

Not only is Bessie the most powerful tool in your box when it comes to understanding stress and wellbeing in YOUR business, she is the start of a mental health revolution, a chance to contribute to something bigger.

Only by understanding wellbeing holistically, its triggers, causes and effects, can we then do something about it. Regardless of the size of the business, we are each looking for ways to optimise the financial health, human health and output, giving the best service possible to our customers.

Ultimately, we believe that we need to reconnect our communities, taking care of all of those who need it the most. It seems that our workplaces are ideal environments with which to start. Did you know that here in Staffordshire alone, just over 70 percent of our workforce are employed in SME’s. If we can reach and support these humans, we have a better chance of contributing to a world in which we reduce mental suffering. The people that work in our organisations are friends, relatives and neighbours. They connect with us all and are a link to the wider communities so that we can start to experience the benefit of being in relationship(s).

The future of Bessie and the development of the technology.

Of course, one of the ways that we intend to maximise Bessie, is through the development of the technology for delivery, analysis, reporting and research. We love tech and its capacities and new developments, but we truly believe that tech should be an enabler rather than a replacement. The benefit of our having innovated so well and so quickly over the last 5000 years, isn’t to replace humans, but is to enable humans to connect more deeply, be in richer and more nourishing relationships and to remove from our lives, those tasks that took us away from that connection. That’s why, here at Thrive & Shine, we intend to keep people deeply embedded into the work we do, with human contact and human conversations whilst tech does the hard work behind the scenes.To find out more, click here.

Training and Support

Our packages are bespoke to you, your business, and your needs and vary in the support and delivery and include

Online and Digital Classes

Our exclusive ‘A few minutes to think’ series, provides gives support, advice and training for employees who are struggling with anxiety, depression, lack of motivation and much more and can be accessed from a membership portal.

One to One support

For employees and individuals who are struggling with mental ill health, stress, performance related issues that might be impacting their capacity to work, relationships and their self esteem.

All sessions are confidential, be based on assessment of need and can be delivered in house and in person or by video link.

A Retainer Service

Available for those of you who would like the security of knowing that you have someone on hand to offer advice and support regarding mental health and wellbeing, when needed, but may not require in-house support. This gives assurance to our clients that we are and can be available in those difficult times.

Mental Health Optimisation Training

Who is this for? – For Managers and their teams

How is it delivered? – There is a myriad of different ways that mental health training and support can be delivered to you and your managers and your teams and a brief, no obligation conversation with us will help you discover the best way for you. Whether it is in house or face to face, our training

Before booking a call with us to discuss training options, consider the questions below

Q How do I know whether my business will benefit from Mental Health Optimisation Training? –

A You have gone through Bessie and have scored as medium, high or very high risk for mental health, emotional distress and/or stress


You are already aware that you have employees that are struggling with mental health and/or stress and would like to provide some wider support and understanding for your teams as a method of prevention

What will be covered? –

  • An understanding of resilience and how to access it
  • Triggers and causes of poor
  • Mental Health
  • An understanding of what is good mental health and how to optimise it
  • What to do when Mental Health seems hard to achieve
  • How to recognise stress and optimise your own stress management system
  • Looking out for each other and promoting a healthy culture in the workplace